Publication Charges

Why author needs to pay ?

Innovation Info is a non-profit organization we don’t receive funding from any source. So, in order to run the open access journal in an organized manner it is required to pay minimum processing charges. we do have to pay for, articles need graphics, formatting, and the editing services, licenced software’s, maintaining published articles in online repositories and many other in order to meet rigorous academic standards. In addition, Innovation Info company has paid employees.

Why publication charge ?

Innovation Info is an initiative to provide publishing opportunities to young researchers. Innovation Info promotes publication of quality research papers. Journal cover the costs partially through article processing fees. Our expenses are split among editorial costs, electronic composition and production, journal information system, manuscript management system, electronic archiving, overhead expenses, and administrative costs. Moreover, we must cover the costs of publishing the accepted article plus the cost of processed articles.

How much the publication charge is ?

The publication charge will vary according to the economic status of the each country listed by the World Bank : High Income, Upper Middle Income, Middle Income, Low and Middle Income, Lower Middle Income, Low Income. More over without analysing the manuscript it's not possible to fix the processing charge. At the time of final galley proof author will be notifed.

For Author convenience: The minimum charge will vary between 1000 – 1500 USD according to the country status. There are no common charges for authors so that any country scholar can publish their work. Author can contact the particular journal coordinator to know the publication charge.

Note: There is no submission charge for the authors, submitted manuscript will be kept highly confidential until author agrees for further procedure.

Taxes on publication charges

European Union: Authors and Institutions resident in any of the EU countries that participate in VAT that are not registered for VAT will have Value-Added Tax (VAT, at their local relevant rate) to add.

If the Author/Institution is VAT registered, by providing their VAT registration number a tax invoice can be accommodated under the reverse charge. (This is a mechanism where VAT would not need to be added to the payment). The VAT registered customer will account for the VAT when they prepare their VAT return as both an “in” and an “out”, producing a nil effect.

Canada: GST and HST will be applied on digital publishing services supplied to Canadian customers at the applicable rate depending on the province.

Payment of publication charges

When submitting an article to Innovation Info Access journals, the submitting author must agree to pay the publication charge minus any eligible discount (or request a waiver). After publication of the article will enter the production cycle and the author will be asked to pay the publication charge for the journal minus any eligible discount. When final formatting corrections are made and the author approves their article for publication, payment of the publication charge must be received as soon as the article published online.

Payment can be made by any of the following methods:

Credit card payment can be made online using a secure payment form.

Institutional invoice (payment is due within 30 days).

Prompt payment is advised.

This is to inform you that Innovation Info journal is an Open Access Journal and it solely depends on the authors like you to pay the publication charges. If you are not convinced kindly visit our benefits and compare with other open access publisher.